The Void and ONE

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The Void and the Paradox of Beginnings Nothing. Vast Void of empty nothing… … nada, zilch, zip. Not even a thought to think it. Not even an awareness to see the Void. Infinite. The paradox is that infinite potentials exist in this no-thing of a Void, and it goes on forever!  The other paradox is that without time, there is also no “beginning”.  To this knowing, the Seer exists, looking at the endless possibilities like gazing at a vast night sky of stars that have no space or relative distance as a metaphor.  The Seer, upon realizing that it can be anywhere, anyway, any-which, any-when and any how also discovers that it makes no difference at all!  There is still infinite nothing and infinite potentials around forever, past, present and future… O.N.E. = O + Nothing, Everything “Mother/Father Principle” is a concept that works well with this...

One Mandala the Circle of Life

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One is all inclusive.  Deriving from the universal perspective of self, One is knowing oneself.  To be in Oneness is the “hoop of life”.  How can you be any other way?  There is only one way to describe “be” when you include all that is.  One is all that is.  It defines all that is not.  The circle determines what is included and what is not.  In all “Isness”, what is outside of the circle is simply pure potentialities of what can be.  The philosophical paradox is infinite potentials exist while all or nothing is manifest.  From the vastness of the Void, the first awareness of Itself came into being.  The circle defines this “logos”, “om”, “word”, “primary consciousness”, “I AM presence”, “Brahma”, “God”, “Allah”, or “[your name goes here]”...

A Bridge Portal – the Vesica Pisces

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In the study of Sacred Geometry, there is a form that is said to give birth to all form.  It is the shape of two coming together in perfect balance, with one “thread” connecting the heart of one to the other.  It is also the symbol of Twin Flames of many traditions such as Pythagoreans and Sufis, the one that split into opposite polarities to take up two different bodies, but are always connected in the soul.  It is at least a modern day symbol of the Beloved… our relationship to the Divine/Source Creator/God through our own third eye or the eyes of one we love.  It is most commonly known in sacred geometry as the Vesica Pisces.  I would loosely translate it as the vessel of the fish, or fish-shaped vessel, although in Latin it means “bladder of the fish”.  After studying the meaning and math of this form, I have commonly...

The Geome-tree of Christ-in-mass

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The Christmas holiday is filled with symbolism and profound metaphysical meaning.  When I was a child, my innocent mind knew there was something truly magical about it.  It wasn’t till recently that I found renewed inspiration for Christmas through contemplating the geometry and numbers of the season. With the tree, the geometry in two dimensions is simply a triad in side view and a circle viewed from above and below.  The tree actually embodies the saying “as above, so below” through the triad, thanks to Quantum Physics.  At the top of the tree we have a star or an angel… something that embodies a divine light from “up high”.  In in triad it is Point Zero, Source energy, aka, “the Observer” in Quantum Physics.  What does that observer do?  It sees… it is the all seeing eye.  What is it looking at?  The gifts, of course!  But the...

The Music Connection – Cymatics

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Elizabeth Diane

A Platonic Love Story

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There are only five. There can be no more in three-dimensional reality that fit the parameters of all equality inside of the sphere. They become the very basic patterns of all form. When you begin grouping them together, or slicing off their corners, new, more complex forms emerge. The platonic solids are the 3D Mother/Father principle of all form, and the sphere is the womb that contains them all. First let me introduce you to them. They are: Tetrahedron, Hexahedron (a.k.a the Cube), Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron. The Five Platonic Solids Here is where the love story begins. Dodecahedron and Icosahedron are complimentary lovers, and so are Octahedron and Cube. No need to feel sorry for Tetrahedron, as it is its own mate. Magic happens when they come together. Between each of the partners, when one fits itself inside of the other, all the vertices of the inner one touch the...