Christmas tree infinity lightThe Christmas holiday is filled with symbolism and profound metaphysical meaning.  When I was a child, my innocent mind knew there was something truly magical about it.  It wasn’t till recently that I found renewed inspiration for Christmas through contemplating the geometry and numbers of the season.

With the tree, the geometry in two dimensions is simply a triad in side view and a circle viewed from above and below.  The tree actually embodies the saying “as above, so below” through the triad, thanks to Quantum Physics.  At the top of the tree we have a star or an angel… something that embodies a divine light from “up high”.  In in triad it is Point Zero, Source energy, aka, “the Observer” in Quantum Physics.  What does that observer do?  It sees… it is the all seeing eye.  What is it looking at?  The gifts, of course!  But the gifts are way down at the bottom of the tree, right?  Why so low?  Because they are “in mass”, physical form having been created by the consciousness and infinite source energy of the Observer.   It is important to have the tree shaped like a triad, and that is because energy at the base of the triad is slower and denser where our material world exists, and as we climb up  the triad the energy is “lighter” and faster, but the particles there do not have mass.  Now you might see why the unconventional title reads the way it does.  The word, Christ from the Greek, Christos, means “anointed”.  When consciousness anoints the energy in the “tree” with its desired information, matter is born!

I invite you now to take various viewpoints on the tree.  What if you are looking from the top down?  Then you are creating those gifts at the base!  And what if you are sitting at the base of the tree, having opened all your gifts and broken a few before dinnertime?  What now?  Where did the energy come from to create these gifts?  It travels the center column, the tree trunk, a red fiery kundalini energy much like the bright shiny red ribbon that we send spiraling up the tree.  The native Americans know this as the “Red Road”.  It will take you back to Source/Creator.

There is much happening in between the top of the tree and the gifts below… as the energy and the information makes its way down the triad, it is still light at the level of our hearts, just above the middle of the tree, but in order to become mass, it must have electromagnetism.  Light, when it is in our hearts, travels in two directions, crossing at exactly 90 degrees, composed basically of a particle and magnetic force.  It travels together and is photonic.  Perhaps this is why we put lights all over our tree, like the nadi’s of our beautiful auric fields?  It is when the energy drops just below the heart level that we have a split, a separation that gives us positive and negative charge, duality and separation.  This separation is necessary to create gravity and the particles that have mass and give us the gifts of physicality to experience and express.  Since matter is so dense, it can also be more difficult to see the top of the tree from down there.

When we use this knowledge to look at our own physicality, it’s easy to see how we get stuck at the base of the tree, identifying with material “things” and feeling weighted down with so much “stuff”.  Not to make this a religious statement at all, but I find it very interesting that the Christian cross, as well as many ancient culture’s crosses, can be seen as the way to take us from the base of the tree back up to the heart where things are lighter, and back to the Source of all oneness.

Like the infinite vastness of the Void, where Source is birthed, the evergreen tree symbolizes another aspect of Creator… it never dies!  It might encounter disease, get blown over by a wind, or chopped down by some family wanting to decorate and put presents under it, but it is immortal in its own being… it symbolizes our true nature in the visible geometry, and in its unseen infinite nature.  I hope you continually observe the gifts you truly want under your tree well into the New Year!

Sources:  Source/Creator from my own experiences, various spiritual teachers (including the Ram), and my friend Maggee for the obvious Geome-tree pun.


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