A Bridge Portal – the Vesica Pisces

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In the study of Sacred Geometry, there is a form that is said to give birth to all form.  It is the shape of two coming together in perfect balance, with one “thread” connecting the heart of one to the other.  It is also the symbol of Twin Flames of many traditions such as Pythagoreans and Sufis, the one that split into opposite polarities to take up two different bodies, but are always connected in the soul.  It is at least a modern day symbol of the Beloved… our relationship to the Divine/Source Creator/God through our own third eye or the eyes of one we love.  It is most commonly known in sacred geometry as the Vesica Pisces.  I would loosely translate it as the vessel of the fish, or fish-shaped vessel, although in Latin it means “bladder of the fish”.  After studying the meaning and math of this form, I have commonly...