The Void and ONE

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The Void and the Paradox of Beginnings Nothing. Vast Void of empty nothing… … nada, zilch, zip. Not even a thought to think it. Not even an awareness to see the Void. Infinite. The paradox is that infinite potentials exist in this no-thing of a Void, and it goes on forever!  The other paradox is that without time, there is also no “beginning”.  To this knowing, the Seer exists, looking at the endless possibilities like gazing at a vast night sky of stars that have no space or relative distance as a metaphor.  The Seer, upon realizing that it can be anywhere, anyway, any-which, any-when and any how also discovers that it makes no difference at all!  There is still infinite nothing and infinite potentials around forever, past, present and future… O.N.E. = O + Nothing, Everything “Mother/Father Principle” is a concept that works well with this...