The Void and the Paradox of Beginnings


Vast Void of empty nothing…

… nada, zilch, zip.

Not even a thought to think it.

Not even an awareness to see the Void.


The paradox is that infinite potentials exist in this no-thing of a Void, and it goes on forever!  The other paradox is that without time, there is also no “beginning”.  To this knowing, the Seer exists, looking at the endless possibilities like gazing at a vast night sky of stars that have no space or relative distance as a metaphor.  The Seer, upon realizing that it can be anywhere, anyway, any-which, any-when and any how also discovers that it makes no difference at all!  There is still infinite nothing and infinite potentials around forever, past, present and future…

The Void ONE circle

The Void and ONE – Courtesy of Lucid 9 Design

O.N.E. = O + Nothing, Everything

“Mother/Father Principle” is a concept that works well with this paradox because it points back to our origins, as seen from our humanity and linear perspective of time.  The Void is the fertile space of the mother’s womb… the Nothing and Everything.  The father is the Seer (or “seeder in human experience”)… the O completing the ONE.  ONE cannot exist without the other.  The ONE, upon understanding itself does see that it is the only ONE, filled with its union in the Void, an infinitely expansive compulsion to create “their” infinite potentials gives rise to an indescribably powerful birth of ALL that IS!


ALL exists from this birth, no exceptions.  The ONE can now discover itself through the infinite individuated expressions of itself in unlimited ways for eternity! (and it already has, as the paradox is that everything is happening simultaneously).  Who are you? Will you find yourself as one of the infinite expressions of the ONE?  Will you find yourself as the only ONE and ALL seeing the Void?  And will you find yourself AS the Void, receiving feedback from All that Is?  (The last one is a trick question… if you are experiencing the Void, you have no way of knowing it… yet another paradox).  Who are you?  And, …are you me?

Flower of Life 8 Cell Embryo

Courtesy of Lucid 9 Design and

Sacred Geometry

The Circle stands as our final marker back to Source, Supreme Creator, God, Allah, Brahmin, and all names for the ONE.  The circle is also, paradoxically, our starting point of Creation.  From here, endless patterns emerge that form the latticework for overlying patterns, and on… as the ONE gives birth to ALL.

If you have thoughts, inspirations or questions, please feel free to leave comments below…  Namaste!  In Lakesh!






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