The Geome-tree of Christ-in-mass

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The Christmas holiday is filled with symbolism and profound metaphysical meaning.  When I was a child, my innocent mind knew there was something truly magical about it.  It wasn’t till recently that I found renewed inspiration for Christmas through contemplating the geometry and numbers of the season. With the tree, the geometry in two dimensions is simply a triad in side view and a circle viewed from above and below.  The tree actually embodies the saying “as above, so below” through the triad, thanks to Quantum Physics.  At the top of the tree we have a star or an angel… something that embodies a divine light from “up high”.  In in triad it is Point Zero, Source energy, aka, “the Observer” in Quantum Physics.  What does that observer do?  It sees… it is the all seeing eye.  What is it looking at?  The gifts, of course!  But the...