I invite you to enter the portal…

to the “highest language of the mind”, a place where you can find inspiration and discover the Truth behind Sacred Geometry, as is self-evident to You! This is a place where all viewpoints are considered and acknowledged, and also a space where you are encouraged to see symbols as a Universal language that words merely attempt to describe.

Did you realize that you give power and meaning to symbols with your beliefs?  We all attach meaning to Sacred Geometric forms. This site asks us to look deeply into meaning behind the form that is TRUE to anyone, anywhere.

My preferred phrase for Sacred Geometry is “the Architecture of the Cosmos“.  Sacred Geometry describes the underlying patterns in everything in creation, from the largest galaxies to the smallest particles of DNA or energetic flow, and is found evident everywhere in nature.

Please enjoy your explorations on this journey…

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“Its amazing how all the dots start connecting themselves in your mind. This type of truth and knowledge speaks to me when I hear it or read it and it feels more like remembering something thats been locked away forever than learning something totally new, if that makes any sense. There is a deep peace that comes when you see why all of these things are happening and the overall divine comedy we are all playing our part in… Thank you so much for introducing me to this subject, it has already started to change my life, give me purpose, and is helping me to bring my light to others who are receptive to this knowledge. I’ve meditated in the past but nothing like how my meditations have been lately. I try to do my chakra mediations at least twice a day. It’s all just amazing, to think I used to believe in coincidence haha.”

Josh Adams

Ashland, OR

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