I highly recommend attending Sacred Geometry classes with Lisa [Elizabeth]. They are a mind-bending delight! feel my brain changing with each new construction. It seems the shapes and the processes of drawing them truly speak to my soul and maybe even my DNA! One of my favorite thing is drawing a crop circle.” ~Joy Smith, Yelm, WA

My friend, Elizabeth Diane offers rich and enlivening workshops. She has helped me take my art to the next level! I highly recommend her teaching because she has really embodied Sacred Geometry.
~Robin Landsong, author, speaker, artist, singing medicine carrier, cranial sacral therapist

Join me at the 888 Lionsgate Mount Shasta Retreat!

I’ll be offering a Sacred Geometry presentation, and Ecstatic Dance!

5 Day Spiritual Immersion in Magical Mount Shasta, CA

August 6 – 10, 2024

Join International Quantum Healer, Meg Benedicte during the powerful 888 gateway for a deep spiritual immersion with your galactic Soul essence, on the ancient land of Lemuria in Mount Shasta, CA.  

In Numerology, 2024 is an ‘8’ year (2+0+2+4) of action, abundance and achievements. This 8 year is pulsing with themes of power, presence, self-responsibility, personal authority, and becoming a leader in your own life and in the world

5 Day Retreat includes:

*  Group Ceremonies, Transmissions, Quantum Access® Meditations (based on Metatron’s Cube and the Torus) & Soulful Activations led by Meg Benedicte

* Mount Shasta Sacred Sites and Group Ascension Activations

* Concerts & Sound Bath Experiences 

* Sacred Water Ceremony

* Somatic Movement & Bodywork

* Sacred Geometry Workshop

* Personal time – resting, healing & processing, eating, shopping

* Local Vendors – private collection of artwork, crystals, jewelry, herbal products, and more!

Register and Reserve your spot – Seats are Limited!

Mt Shasta Medicine Drum Workshop:

Come Heal Yourself and the Earth

Come to a Sacred Circle in Answer to the Call of the Drum,
by Dr. Heather Taylor-Zimmerman

Sponsored by: Sacred Geometry Portal


“Everything about the drum and sound of the drum is a great medicine
as we all unite.” Aboriginal Women’s quote



Step into the sacred circle

of our Shamanic Medicine Drum Workshop, nestled beneath the whispering canopies of Mt. Shasta, CA where the spirit of the ancient mountain breathes life into our craft. This enclave is a sanctuary for souls called to the rhythm of the Earth, to mend the fabric of our times with each heartfelt beat.

Under the mountain’s steadfast gaze, we delve not just into drum crafting, but into a profound journey of ecological and psychospiritual transformation. Crafting a medicine drum is an ancestral rite, a sacred act of eco-activism carried through the ages. Each drum—a blend of animal hide and tree—carries a prayer, a new life born from the honored sacrifices of nature, woven into a tapestry of collective healing.

In the hands of the ancestors and those who have guided me, I offer the healing of the drum. My name is Dr. Heather Taylor-Zimmerman, and I was trained in the Sami tradition in which your drum emerges as a vessel of enlightenment. Tuned to the ancient whispers of spirit guides and the resonant call of sacred lands, it becomes a companion on your personal vision quest, a talisman echoing your soul’s deep call in service to a deeper call rooted in your own vision.

Eco-Activist Healing Toolkit:

This drum is more than an instrument; it is an offering to your soul and the world soul. Together, we will create medicine drums dedicated not just to personal healing but to a mission that resonates through and beyond us. Inspired by visions commissioned by spirits like White Buffalo Woman or the Great Mother, these drums pulse with profound purpose.

Join us on this transformative weekend:

More detailed flow is in the button link below, in a longer document.

– Saturday, July 6th: Craft your drum, connecting deeply with the materials, each chosen not just for their physical properties but for their spiritual resonance, including visioning, cleansing, and ritual creation of the drum as well as a medicine walk for a drum mallet.

– Sunday, July 7th: Paint, decorate and dedicate your drum, each stroke a spirit-filled act of beautification and empowerment along with the creation of our mallet and a medicine pouch.

Conclude with a pilgrimage to Mt. Shasta’s heart, drumming in harmony with the mountain’s ancient pulse, activating your drum as a tool for healing across the planet.

Sliding Scale Investment:

– Trade to Material Cost: For those who wish to exchange goods or services.
– Standard Fee: $275: covering materials and facilitation.
– Supporter Fee: $575: assisting another participant’s journey.

*No one is turned away!!!! I also have smaller drums and a variety of other ethically native source drum supply options, including different animals, if you have a particular animal calling.

This workshop is not merely about creating a drum but about being reborn through its call. Answer the heartbeat of the Earth; join us in dance, song, and drumming under Mt. Shasta’s watchful eyes. Your drum awaits your spirit’s touch.

All supplies provided and no musical or artistic skills required!

Blessings in the Drum’s Call,
Dr. Heather Taylor-Zimmerman

New Earth One Special Offer Workshops


Portal Into Crop Circles

Intersect with Elizabeth as she guides you through a hands-on practice drawing crop circles that expands your awareness and understanding of the Mind of the Divine with the following Series. Elizabeth Diane’s Portal into Crop Circles free course is foundational for this series, so make sure to practice the drawing from the course first. Each course will take you through some meditation/visualization, drawing, art and discussion on SG and the phenomenal Crop Circles.

Expanding on the Flower of Life 

Creation Patterns: Metatron’s Cube and Visualizing the Platonic Solids

Exploring the Golden Ratio: Organic Life: Phi/Golden Ratio/Fibonacci Series

Examining Messages in Crop Circles: Deconstructing the Mystery & Communication

You can find recommended tools available on the SHOP page.

Hands-On Workshops

Many of you listened in on my interview with Lauren Galey on Quantum Conversations last month. Lauren graciously offered her listeners, and you, this opportunity to learn to draw and use Sacred Geometry.

Practicing Sacred Geometry is an experiential learning process that opens gateways for soul memory, enhances the mind’s capacity to image hyper-dimensionally and reveals our relationships to each other and our connection to Divine Source. Take the next step in connecting with Sacred Geometry in this hands-on beginner’s workshop!

The Patreon Portal: As the fractals of SGP expand, I’m receiving blessings and appreciation at Patreon, where I will soon be offering a multidimensional selection of subscriptions with workshop and community offerings. If you would like to amplify the education, you can do so monthly, with my gratitude.

Elizabeth Diane is offering inspiring ways for you to incorporate Sacred Geometry (patterns of nature and the cosmos) into your unique creative expressions through experiential sacred geometry workshops events and classes that includes drawing with compass and straight-edge, creative art, heart-centered meditation and yantra practice, with some short presentations.

What does music look like? What is the shape of blissful harmonies? Why do some sites and temples feel so sacred? Where is the doorway to multi-dimensional realms? How was the universe created, anyway? And what does this have to do with relationships or “unity consciousness”?  Come discover for yourself!

Practicing Sacred Geometry is an experiential learning process that opens gateways for soul memory, enhances the mind’s capacity to image hyper-dimensionally and reveals our relationships to each other and our connection to Divine Source. Sacred patterns can be used for healing and balancing energies. All geometry is “spatial proportion” representing frequency and music! It is a universal, inter-dimensional language and the highest language of the mind.

Future classes, workshops and retreats are being planned in Mt Shasta, CA.

Essentials of Sacred Geometry Workshop


Take the next step in really connecting with Sacred Geometry through a hands-on workshop.
Begin a practice that can help you:

  • Gain deeper insights into how the universe is created and where you come into the picture
  • Enhance your brain’s ability to vision in multiple dimensions
  • Experience ways to increase your intuition and connection to Creator/Source via the highest language of the mind
  • Understand the importance of sacred geometric form and the meanings of these relationships
  • Empower your ability to use these harmonic forms for your Divine purpose

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Also Offering AkaDua

Energy & Consciousness work of the Toltec for the benevolent benefit of all beings everywhere.

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