Bee Hivibe


Bring the blissful beehive vibe into your space to remember to enjoy the nectar in life. Bees share a close connection with the Flower of Life, as they draw hexagonal comb from the flower pattern. This bee, emerging from Metatron’s Cube and the Cube/Hexagon geometry, is made of infinity eyes, a big heart and Vesica Pisces body as it flies toward the Venus Rose (a pentagonal spirograph of Golden Proportion). It is said by some that the first ancient bees on the planet were a gift to Gaia from Venus.


Available in 3 versatile sizes, custom printed cotton sateen wall tapestries add personal style to any wall!

• Available in our super soft and durable cotton sateen
• Pick between 3 sizes to fit any space
• Pre-washed and ready to hang
• Printed with permanent reactive inks that won’t wash or fade

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Small (51" x 60"), Medium (68" x 80"), Large (88" x 104")


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