Welcome to the AkaDua

Elizabeth Diane | Level 4
AkaDua Mastery

You are invited to embark on the transformational journey of Aka Dua- the Healing, Self Mastery, Energy and Consciousness technologies of the ancient Toltec civilization. Your initiation with the Aka Dua will enhance your abilities to activate your soul’s gifts, fulfill your life’s purpose and help elevate and upgrade the collective consciousness of humanity. You came into this life with a special energetic signature like no other and a unique mission that only you can fulfill. You were born to tap into your most Authentic Essence and pour the light within you into everything you do. Aka Dua can be the ally to assist you in bringing your mission to fruition.

introduction credit: Damien Balderrama, Level 4 AkaDua Holder

An Ancient Energy for a New Era

“Every indigenous culture throughout the world has a name for the living, subtle energy we know most commonly as Qi.  The version of subtle energy from the Toltec culture of North-America is known as Aka Dua, which means “Innermost Light”.  Because of some unique differences based in modern physics (discussed here)the Aka Dua has the potential, in the hands of a skilled practitioner, to be the strongest, most versatile, and effective form of subtle energy healing available.

The Toltec culture used the Aka Dua for many other things in addition to healing.   The Aka Dua is a tool for enhancing all forms of human performance, from healing to spiritual work, the arts, athletics, virtually any field of human endeavor.

Consciously incorporating the subtle energies into our daily lives is one of the keys to human advancement in the 21st century.  The Aka Dua Institute emphasizes consciousness training, developing our Intention and Attention, in order to be more precise and direct in the focus of our work.  Energy follows our attention, how and where we place our conscious thought determines the results in our work.

Welcome to the future of humanity. 

Welcome to the Aka Dua!”

From AkaDuaHealing.com

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With 30 years design experience in the fields of residential design, site planning and development, civil engineering, land surveying, graphic and WordPress website design, piano and music, dance teaching the “Architecture of the Cosmos” (Sacred Geometry), and even sand sculpting, Elizabeth Diane offers a unique set of experiences to draw from. She has a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Ecological Design, Green Building Design, Art History and Furniture Design from The Evergreen State College. She also is the Designer/Owner of Lucid 9 Design. She is currently exploring and working with the Toltec energy and consciousness practices as a Level 4 AkaDua Master.

Sacred Geometry

  • Drawing instruction
  • 15 years experience
  • Practice, meaning & application


  • Certified Level 4 AkaDua Master
  • 3 Years in the Lineage of Tata Kachora, Koyote the Blind & Golden Eagle
  • Practice, empowerment & application

Lucid 9 Design

  • 30 years design experience
  • Design Beyond Measure – infused with beneficial intention


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