Venus and Love on Valentine’s

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“In Pisces, Venus is not bound to material needs and satisfactions; it is much more interested in the harmonization and unification of spirits. It brings out a higher love and receptivity, a real authentic connection.” The inspiration for this beautiful talisman containing the Venus Rose sacred geometry! It’s not too late for a gift today, Beloveds! 15% Discount for Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts Valid Until February 14th 2015… It is not too late yet… Special postcard in case the gift doesn’t arrive on Time Use this card to share your good wishes until the actual present arrives. Print it or email it. Shopping Portal   “Venus in Pisces Exaltation from “Esoteric Astrology” book: “Esoterically, the reason that Venus is exalted in Pisces is connected with the relation of Pisces to the sign Gemini, of which Venus is the...